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Terms and Conditions:

When you purchase an admission or more for any of the activities (Games), you as the ticket holder and other people in your party consent to be subjected by Terms and Conditions of this sale defined herein and other provision that Mad Axe (“Owner”) may specify in the nearest future. The Owner, their employees, or agents shall not take responsibility for any personal injury, damage, loss, or death, caused within the venue, place, or location associated with The Mad Axe (“Site”) nor will they take responsibility for any claims, complaints, exchange, or refunds for any reason whatsoever, including with no restriction, postponement, or cancellation of the Game. Any booking fees and associated charges or fees are non-refundable.

Mad Axe management shall be solely responsible for refunds at their own discretion. The sales of tickets are subject to these conditions:​

(1a) You have explicitly agreed to join, participate, use, get access to, and/or play Mad Axe at your own risk. You also consent to refer any Guests to this site for Privacy Notices and Terms & Conditions therein. All warrants, implied or expressed are disclaimed by Owner, to the fullest extent allowable by application law, including but not restricted to, merchant ability, implied warranties, or fitness for Mad Axe operation. Mad Axe Owner or Venue Owner does not give a warranty of the accuracy, completeness, reliability, current or error-free operation of the content, materials, and product included, deployed, or used on the website, In a case whereby a product or materials, are not according to the description, you have explicitly waived the right to claim any losses and/or damages including, but not restricted to incidental, consequential, punitive, direct and indirect damages caused from this particular use or dependence of the description of the content, material, or product.

(1b) The whole items, including but not restricted to your personal luggage, belongings, baggage, objects, wallet, items, watches, and/or property, shall be presented to the website by you at your own risk. In the event that this occurs, the Owner, which includes the agent or employee, shall not take responsibility for any loss of personal luggage, belongings, wallet, watches, objects, and/or property, within or outside of the website.

(1c)To the highest extent the applicable law permits; Mad Axe Owner or Venue Owner, which include the agent or employee shall not take responsibility for any risk, security, hazard, safety, danger, and/or protection for the Game(s). You shall solely take responsibility, become accountable and answerable for your own safety, body condition, pregnancy, security, health condition, disease transmission, while participating, joining, playing, informing, advising, and/or notifying that the Game may be hazardous, unsafe, risky, and dangerous. The content of these terms and conditions is deliberate to affect your statutory rights.

(1d) The terms and conditions here and other contract concluded, which incorporates these terms and conditions shall be under the governing council of the United States law and every dispute shall be given to the exceptional jurisdiction of the courts of the United States.

(1e) The terms included in any contract entered into are assigned or included within these terms and conditions

2. The company has the rights to make changes or vary the content of these Terms and Conditions, as well as other contents of the website per time at its own discretion without any prior notice. Any visitor to Mad Axe  Website is bound under the hereinafter terms.

2a. Mad Axe  will do everything within its reach to give you updated and accurate information from its website.

2b. The website of Mad Axe  is for your own use and not commercial use. You may not copy, modify, transmit, perform, publish, distribute, display, license, transfer, make derivative works from, or offer any information gotten from this website for sale.

2c. You are not allowed to link or make use of the entire or any area of Mad Axe’s website for any reason, which is unlawful, obscene, fraudulent, objectionable, or harmful.

2d. You acknowledge that the Internet is not completely secure. Mad Axe  will ensure the security of your payment card information is guaranteed. Although Mad Axe  shall not held responsible for any damage you encounter because of the loss of confidentiality of information of this nature. A third-party website processes your payment. No credit card information is saved by the Owner.

2e. Mad Axe  shall not be held responsible to anybody for any consequential, incidental, direct, or indirect damages, including (and not limited) to lost revenues or profits, costs of replacement products or services, loss of opportunity, damage or loss of data or business disruption, which occur as a result of the use of this website.

3a. At least 1 adult must accompany children below 16 years old, per game.

3b. Only individual(s) who are at least age 18 can book a Game.

3c. Any issues regarding physical limitations or accessibility of the Ticket Holder and their guests has to be addressed with employees or the Owner before purchase.

4a. Once purchase is complete, a confirmation regarding the Booking is issued to the email provided by the Ticket Holder during the booking. The Ticket Holder has to check the ticket for accuracy of time, date, and number of tickets bought.

4b. The Ticket Holder is completely responsible for inputting personal details rightly on the online booking form. When an online booking form is submitted and the booking is complete, you warrant to Mad Axe  that the entire details provided for that transaction are valid and accurate. Bookings made from mobile devices have to be checked by the Ticket Holder for verification by read through the confirmation booking email information received. Any detected errors should be reported directly to the Owner within 24 hours the purchase was made.

4c. Online or walk-in platforms are available for bookings through an employee via phone with the use of this website. An employee or the Owner will complete the walk-in purchase.

4d. The duration for any online bookings to be made in advance is 3 months. There are exceptions if Mad Axe  is contacted via phone or email.

4e. Any major debit card or credit card is accepted to ensure payment is settled.

4f. Complete payment has to be made at the time of booking.

4g. A third party booking system, Bookeo, collects and stores your personal information. Credit card information and personal information are not revealed to any other party and is utilized exclusively for transactions between the Owner and the Ticket Holder. Bookeo and the Owner are committed to making sure that your personal information privacy is protected. Your information will never be sold to another party.

4h. Only an email will be used to send the confirmation of your booking. Mad Axe  will never send messages via text message or post.

4i. The price of the Game(s) is indicated on the website of Mad Axe  and the Booking website. Any charges appearing in the cart are final. Should you have any question regarding the charges, kindly inform Mad Axe Owner or agents before the completion of the purchase – refunds are not guaranteed.

4j. The price is set for each person, each Exclusive Facility Rentals, or each private room and these are provided on the website.

4k. Every individual must pay the taxes, no exemptions.

4l. Mad Axe  is always a live event, so the moment the booking is confirmed and payment is complete; refunds are not processed. Mad Axe  will allow the rescheduling of the whole booking with over 3 days’ notice by a ticket holder with 10 tickets or less or one private room or beyond the 14 days’ notice by the ticket holders with over 10 tickets or over two private rooms or Exclusive Facility Rentals. Mad Axe  does not accept partial reservation rescheduling.

4m. If the number of people in attendance for the Game is lower than those that booked in just one transaction by the Ticket Holder, there will be no reimbursement in the price difference.

4n. If a private room or the whole facility was booked based on a flat fee, fluctuations or absences in the number of attendees will not lead to partial refunds.

4o. If you decide to transfer your Game(s) to another person’s name, you have to inform Mad Axe  via telephone or email at least 2 hours prior to the start of the game. Mad Axe can decide to decline the transferal.

4p. Game tickets may not be resold or transferred at a premium or for commercial purposes. If a Game is resold or transferred in violation of this condition, the bearer of the Game or the individual who claim the right to be at the event will be declined from being admitted to the game.

4q. Dangerous, hazardous, or harmful objects are not permitted into the Site, which also include sharp objects, weapons, items, or explosive items deemed to be harmful or dangerous to other visitors on the Site. On the off chance that an item or object like these is found, Owner, including agent or employee shall have the authority, consent, and power expressly accepted by you to eliminate and confiscate such object or item and then refuse or declines your entry to the Site.

5a. Guests and Ticket Holders are asked by the Owner to get to the Site 15 minutes before their booking time. Guests and Ticket Holders who come late are not guaranteed the complete game time. Mad Axe  agents and owners have the right to refuse service without compensation or refund to the ticket holders that get to the Site after their booking time.

5b. To be admitted requires the confirmation of the Ticket Holder’s full name and might also have to confirm email address and phone number. Every participant has to sign the safety form given before entry to the game. Anybody over 18 years old must sign for children who are 17 and below.

5c. For fairness to Guests who arrived on time, Ticket Holders or their Guests arriving over 3 minutes late will not be allowed to enter their booked Game. A rescheduling will be done for them for the next time slot available. This can probably be on a future date. There will be no refunds.

5d. Ticket Holders and Guests will be informed prior to their game by their designated Guide. When the rules guiding the game have been learned, each player will play the Game at their own risk. Mad Axe will not take responsibility for any equipment or personal damages caused by the misuse of Game room or not adhering to the rules provided before the game.

5e. Ticket Holders and Guests sign undertaken to conduct, behave, carry out, complete, execute, and perform the activity in conformity to the instruction, rules, and command the Owner specifies; failing which the Owner, as well as the agent or the employee shall be given the right and power to decline or refuse your entry into the Site.

5f. You shall not be allowed to go into the Site under the influence of alcohol, failing, which employee, agent, or Owner shall have the power and rights to refuse or decline your entry to the Site. If discovered to be under such influence, agent, owner, or Owner shall reserve the power, consent, and authority expressly granted by you to take away Ticket Holders and Guests from the arena without any remedy, damages, or compensation and has the rights and authority to take any required legal action to make sure the integrity of Mad Axe business is still intact and guard against any harm or risk towards the business of Mad Axe.  All damages, legal costs, or losses caused from this incident shall be exclusively borne by you.


6a. Food and drinks may not be taken into the Game Rooms, but will be permitted in the party room and lobby.

6b. You are not permitted to capture, record, or take photographs, film, tape, video, audio recording whatsoever before, during, and the completion of the Game(s), except the Owner expressly permits. If a recording activity like this is discovered within the Site, the Owner, including the agent or employee has the consent, power, and authority explicitly permitted by you to remove, delete, or transfer this recording to any media, hardware, or media the Owner owns. The copyright of these recordings will therefore be accepted by you to Mad Axe Owner.

6c. Visitors of Mad Axe  are not expected to reveal any information regarding the game directly or indirectly to the public.

6d. The owner reserves the right to charge the guests for damage(s), which is deliberate, in contravention to the instructions or rules provided, or caused by mishandling of items.

6e. When at our premises, you must adhere to our regulations and codes, follow proper standards of behavior, and ensure cooperation with employees of Mad Axe .

6f. Mad Axe  will not accept any form of harassment or bullying towards its employees.

7a. You can easily contact Mad Axe  with the use of the following method:

Telephone: 929-224-2941


Mail: 1345 Halsey Street Unit A - Brooklyn, NY 11237

​7b. The websites, www.Mad is run by the employees of Mad Axe .

7c. Owner or employees may reach you consistently with promotions and offers via phone or email.

7d. The logos and trademarks presented on the website are properties of Mad Axe. You are not allowed to make use of these without a prior written notice to get permission from Mad Axe  and you agree that any such use can probably constitute a violation of the relevant rights of the proprietor.

7e. The website of Mad Axe  can probably contain links to third party website. The activities of those websites are not in the control of Mad Axe and you make use of them at your own risk.

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