B.C. Rich 1st ever made carved top Warlock

B C Rich Warlock (new unsold stock from 1997)
    The first "carved top" Warlock ever made. It's a neckthru handmade in white w/gold hardware and has a triple-white/triple-black bound body & (wood overlay 3-on-a-side) headstock, single bound neck. Two Seymour Duncan covered pickups. Ebony fretboard w/ the most beautiful abalone cloud inlays you will ever see. The controls are laid out like a Les Paul and the whole guitar is a neckthru Warlock done as a LP custom. But the coolest thing is that Bernie signed it on the back of the headstock. w/ohsc. w/ohsc.
* The first "carved top" Warlock ever made. *
* I ordered it this way * $9,995.00 *


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